Our Designs



Hope:  ADULTS Regular Style

Our first design is certainly meaningful and arose when Feel Beautiful Today (FBT) was not even a service project. I simply had a desire to let two close friends know, “I am here with you.” No words, no actions could help their situations. Yet my prayer was to bring a smile, to remind them someone cared, and that they were not walking alone. “Hope” was born…in a beautiful bracelet with yellow colored stones (amber) and pearls centered on the message, “To believe and be strong in difficult moments.”
Colors of My Heart:  ADULTS

A bracelet created with semiprecious stones like amethyst, various colored agate, rose quartz, amazonite, pearls, and crystals. A design inspired on the love and support of a mom for a daughter battleling a rare cancer. 
 I noticed that her eyes had a special light as she spoke about her beautiful daughter. She was trying to smile and to be strong. That young mom’s heart had a special color to my eyes. That day “Color of My Heart” was created. As humans we all have days and moments in life where we need a hug, a smile, we need to be strong, or just to pray. I selected the color that represented those feelings to me, when I designed “Colors of My Heart.”
Courage:  ADULTS 
Regular Style

The special light in quartz reminds me of the power of faith in life. This bracelet comprised of pearls and round smoky quartz was born after listening to many stories of women affected by cancer. These brave women battle with so much. “Courage” was created in celebration of their lives and how much we can learn from each of them. There are always two ways to look at things in life and I want to rejoice; to honor those souls…the hearts that look at every day as an opportunity to learn and be happy for today.

Rays of Light: ADULTS

A style that represents the power and valor that comes when we fix our hope on faith and the desire to see a guiding light. Created to honor a friend that is battling cancer with her head held high and her faith in the divine light that will shine over and direct her path. I wanted to fashion a bracelet using stone that could remind us of that precious light. Quartz, translucent stone, a mix of opaque and clear quartz, amethyst with its beautiful color, and the softness and elegance of pearls are combined in this symbolic design.   
Hugs and Kisses XOXO: ALL AGES

We use soft pink quartz and crystals, mixed with pearls. As I was creating this bracelet, I had in my mind two young girls that I had a chance to share some time with a few years ago. They were both courageously battling cancer. I learned the real significance of not giving up, no matter what, and of course, to always smile. 

 They always had time to send “hugs and kisses” in their letters to friends and family. It was this tenderhearted reminder of the importance of love and relationships that inspired, “Hugs and Kisses.”
New Day:  ADULTS

“If you need to remember today, I want you to know there is hope in a new day…If tomorrow I need you to hold my hope, do not let me forget I can dream in a new day…”

Inspired by a friend, New Day is a design that was created to represent the beauty and hope each new day brings. As my dear friend was going through her cancer treatments, I used to remind her, “You can do it. Tomorrow will be another day.” While today can be overwhelming, tomorrow holds new hope, new possibilities and every yesterday is another victory won. 

Beautiful amethyst, soft topaz crystals, and rose and cream pearls complete this design.
I Love You To The Moon: ADULTS

Sometimes we don’t just fight for ourselves. Sometimes we fight for the ones we love. This design is Inspired by my mother, who was diagnosed with cancer. As I watched her fight and sometimes succumb to the fear, I couldn’t help but hurt as well. I knew in that moment my love for her was the strongest gift I could give. The soft, natural pearls, faceted crystals, and shining moon stones of this design all reflect light in unique ways, serving as a reminder that a loved one’s support is sometimes the only light visible in a dark time.
Beautiful Ladies:  ADULTS

One of the most beautiful moments in an average day is when we see the majesty of a brilliant rainbow manifest after a mighty storm. This design was inspired by the rainbow, its symbolism, the beautiful promise of hope it represents and the vibrant living colors we see. Beautiful Ladies design displays elegant color in light from a soft-golden crystal combined with the graceful garnet tear drop. Smoky and sleek rose crystals, delicate pearls, and clear quartz finish off the piece. With this deisgn we celebrate the brave unknown survivor, the patient, and those heroes that face the battle of life every day. 

 Treasures: ADULTS

A design created with exquisite natural bronze pearls. Refined gold and silver Swarovski crystal paired with the cool hues of river stone.The shimmer of the crystals and pearls seemingly remind you of the tranquility instilled from walking on the beach. Uncovering the prized treasures of the sea beneath the sand is reminiscent of discovering the hope and beauty in the simplicity of life.

This simple, elegant design is inspired through the hopeful moments over the course of a loved one’s journey with cancer. Sincere instances of strength and hope provide significance behind every smile. Life is a treasure to be discovered with every passing day. 


The inspiration for this design originates from the colors of cotton candy. Crystals are combined in colors of pink, green, blue, purple, then accented with pearls. For a few years now I have been involved with a foundation for kids with cancer in my birth country Colombia. Sadly, I had the opportunity to hear the stories of many children struggling with this disease. When I had the chance to visit, I caught a glimpse of tender, suffering hearts yet with a desire to smile, or to feel beautiful. I remember one child in particular. Under her little hat, a few pieces of hair were hiding. Timidly, she looked up at me. As we talked, I suddenly understood that she was not just a cancer patient. She was a sweet girl with dreams and hopes of her own. Love was our language and “Sweet” was born.

I created this piece while reflecting on teens (I have two of my own)…their desire to live life, dream, have a good time, all with delicate hearts that just are discovering the world. These feelings are represented through the colorful glass beads and pearls. A group of 15 year old girls were assembling this very design to deliver to one of the local children’s hospitals in town. One of the participants seemed very touched by this ministry. She came to me with a bright smile and said, “I am sure they will love this bracelet.” Beaming, she added, “It’s happy!” That day, this design found its name.
Heartstrings: TEENS AND GIRLS

This design is born out of the strength and courage we see in young girls and teens. Their smiles, the hope that overflows out of their hearts, and the power of their dreams all wind these precious girls around our heartstrings. We are constantly inspired by their untarnished innocence and their wide-eyed optimism. We admire and are moved by their bravery and therefore celebrate them with the hot pink of a beautiful agate, the playful combination of turquoise, the glance of light from crystals, and the silver flowers and butterflies. 
Beautiful Girls:   TEENS AND GIRLS

I wanted this design to celebrate life. In our visits to the children’s hospitals we often find hope in the midst of pain. We see innocent yet brave kids that teach us a lesson of life. In this spirit, Beautiful Girls glistens with delicate crystals of tear drops in the colors of the rainbow. Combined with the light from quartz and the softness and elegance of pearls, this bracelet helps to portray brilliance in the face of adversity…hope after a storm. In honor of the children who have so bravely fought and continue to fight, we are humbled to have taken part in your journeys these four years in our ministry.
the Story 
      Joined in Hope: "Significance"

Introducing our new beautiful necklace, part of our "Joined in Hope Jewelry Workshops". A meaningful piece Cancer patients and survivors can create in our workshops.

Our inspiration for Joined in Hope was born out of the passion, dedication and commitment of the medical team or caregiver in conjunction with the courage of the patients.

"Life is a treasure to be discovered with every passing day."
Hope: ADULTS European Style

Hope is once again the first design of our new European-style collection and featured in Feel Beautiful Today’s Hope Creates program. Why hope? Maybe it’s because it’s the only feeling that we decide to keep when confronted with unexpected situations. With hope in your path, it can light up any moment and inspire others to continue believing. It can also give you the strength to keep trying. One of the most beautiful and encouraging feelings is to see hope in the eyes of the many patients we serve. They’re fighting cancer, but they know there’s beauty behind the pain. Our desire is that you decide today to keep the feeling of hope as a light on your path.

XOXO: All AGES European Style

Love and kindness are some of the purest feelings we have as humans. These two simple feelings can bring a smile, light and hope to your day. The inspiration for this design comes from the love, and expression of support that patients feel for each other when they are in this journey. Hearts are instantly joined because without words, patients can understand how difficult the cancer experience can be. We celebrate the love and kind spirits of the thousands of patients we serve, and it always reminds us that it’s okay to think about others while feeling pain. Sharing love and kindness can also help you heal. 

      Joined in Hope: "Significance"

Introducing our new beautiful necklace, part of our "Joined in Hope Jewelry Workshops". A meaningful piece Cancer patients and survivors can create in our workshops.

Our inspiration for Joined in Hope was born out of the passion, dedication and commitment of the medical team or caregiver in conjunction with the courage of the patients.

"Life is a treasure to be discovered with every passing day."
 Serenity: ADULTS

This beautiful design is called Serenity and it’s influenced by two friends and their unexpected cancer diagnoses. They experienced a call to be brave in a moment when fear seems to overcome everything, and yet their walk with faith took them both through a sweet and admirable serenity through the challenges of surgeries and treatment. You could see peace in their eyes and there was always faith in their words. They both chose to allow the idea of a bigger purpose fill their hearts and souls. It was a beautiful testimony to their loved ones and others fighting this difficult disease, and we witnessed the way their inner light could never be clouded over with darkness.Serenity: Adult 
LOVE: European Style Necklace (Choker)

This design is a symbol of the strongest meaning of the word love. It’s inspired by every single caregiver fighting along with their loved one. Patients often share with us that love is the feeling that keeps them alive and gives them a reason to try. Love is the infusion of energy each time they feel like they can’t, and it brings them to the next day. During her own journey, my mom would often say, “I will try and walk this journey in faith and hope because I love you and want to be with you.” We want you to wear this beautiful choker and think about those who love you and are supporting you with love, respect and admiration. Let it be your inspiration for today and every day going forward.
 COURAGE: ADULTS European Style

This word describes the thousands of patients Feel Beautiful Today serves every day. Only courage can give you the strength to walk through the cancer journey and find purpose and peace. A patient once shared with me that when they’re confronted with any difficult situation, they can only take courage and go on. Giving up is not an option. Walking with courage and keeping their heart near those they love is the only way. As a beautiful testimonial, we pray and hope you choose courage and recognize the warrior you have inside.