Feel Beautiful Today is a 501(c)(3), created with the sole purpose of providing 
encouragement, hope, and God's love to women and girls affected by cancer
 through three programs: "Jewelry Workshop for Patients”,
 "Boxes of Love" and “Joined in Hope”.

Feel Beautiful Today is a nonprofit, tax-exempt charitable organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. 
 Donations are tax-deductible as allowed by law.
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3039 Boxes of Love Delivered to Date
A Gift That Gives Back!
When you buy one of our fundraising products you are joining our circle of hope... 
Christmas is a special time, and visiting the children’s hospitals in town has been our priority for this season.. 
Thank you to everyone who came to visit us at the Northside Hospital event Thursday.
Wednesday we had the privilege of bringing our program to the American Cancer Society’s Hope Lodge..
BENEFICIARIES: Our "Circle of Hope" sponsors, volunteers, and beneficiaries work as one team to provide encouragement through our "Boxes of Love"...
OUR DESIGNS: Every one of our designs has a story, a purpose, and a name. Each piece has pearls, semi- precious stones, crystals, and a prayer box.
OUR PROGRAMS: All programs are provided free-of-charge for oncology patients and survivors. The sole purpose of the workshops is to provide women and girls... 
We want you to know what is going on in the sciences and humanities that makes empirical sense of why Feel Beautiful Today makes a difference and why you should get involved. There is, strangely enough, a science behind compassion....

Why jewelry? Why hospitals? In Cultures of Care: A Study of Arts Programs in U.S. Hospitals, 79% of 2,333 responding healthcare institutions ....

Special Thanks to the Following supporters:
The Vain & Harry Fish Foundation, INC
News and Events:
We would like to especially thank the following organizations and people for all of their efforts in support of our mission. First, we would like to thank our 3 major sources of volunteers: two chapters of the National Charity League, East Cobb chapter and Gardenia chapter; and, the Go program from the Fellowship Christian School.  Without the fantastic volunteers that these organizations provided, we would not have been able to serve the 900 cancer patients and survivors this year.
We would also like to thank our amazing group of trained volunteers that helped prepare for the events, assisted the patients at the events, performed quality control audits and sanitizing after the events, wrote and edited articles, or who just leant a much appreciated hand when one was needed this year.