Feel Beautiful Today is a 501(c)(3), created with the purpose of providing 
love, hope and encouragement to women and girls affected by cancer
 through Arts in Health programs.

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BENEFICIARIES: Our "Circle of Hope" sponsors, volunteers, and beneficiaries work as one team to provide encouragement through our "Boxes of Love"...
The Importance of Patient-Centered Care

If there’s one thing that every patient wants, it is to know that they are not simply a number or another case to be solved. We as humans have an innate need to be known, and that need bleeds into our health and how we are treated. In a world where phone conversations happen... 

The Vain & Harry Fish Foundation, INC
Corporate Sponsors: 
We want to thank Primerica Life Insurance Co. for becoming a new sponsor!!! They will sponsor 100 Boxes of Love and join our Circle of Hope as we continue to bring love, hope and encouragement to cancer patients. Thank you ...
We always have such a special time at Egleston Children's Hospital. We were able to visit the in-patient area bringing our Workshop for Patients to caregivers and kids affected by cancer. We also were able to deliver 16 Art Care Packages to Egleston and Scottish Rite
we were able to deliver 75 Boxes of Love to the following locations....

Once again we had a beautiful event at the Hope Lodge last week. Some patients come eager to find out what they can do, excited to see the designs and wondering if they can really do it; some watch timidly....
FBT Arts in Health programs delivered to 
cancer patients free of charge in Georgia